I built a new website for a law firm in Japan.

Live demo

BridgeRoots Law firm website


I collaborated with my friend @irzzz (UX Designer) in this project. Irene gave me a high-fidelity wireframe for the landing page in desktop view. I built a responsive html mockup according to her design.

The client BridgeRoots is a law firm located in Japan. Their current website was built several years ago with WordPress and maintained by a vendor. The client would like to recreate the website in a modern style, update some old content, and ideally have the site load faster. We analyzed their needs and suggested making it a Jekyll based static one page website because

  • the site only serves as a simple showcase of the company’s profile
  • the majority of site content doesn’t need to be updated very often
  • there isn’t a lot of server-side interaction needed
  • it’s easier to customize a non-WordPress website
  • Jekyll is blog aware so it’s still not hard to update and post news (which is a secondary focus of the website’s content)


BridgeRoots website desktop


BridgeRoots website mobile